Water infiltrating into your basement causes damage, stress, and disruption to your everyday life. Count on Acculift to get your basement dry again – our solutions range from basic crack sealing to full perimeter draintile and sump pumps.

Water can intrude into your home’s foundation through several ways and can be incredibly stressful to homeowners.  While some issues can be avoided or mitigated through improvements around the home (gutters, downspouts, grade, and drainage), many issues are unavoidable.

  • Cracks can occur either due to typical reasons such as shrinkage or they can be in conjunction with a structural problem.  The result is the same – the cracks should be waterproofed in order to stop the infiltration of water through the wall.  Acculift provides multiple solutions to waterproofing cracks and keeping your basement dry.
  • Hydrostatic pressure occurs when either the water table rises below the floor or it increases on the outside of the wall in a localized area.  At your estimate appointment, Acculift will help diagnose the problem and suggest ways that the drainage can be improved, if possible.  If the drainage cannot be improved or the problem seems to be occurring due to a high water table, then a drain tile and sump pump solution may be necessary to keep your basement dry.
  • Drainage improvements should always be the first thing that homeowners look at when they are getting water in their basement.  While Acculift does not specialize in gutters and downspouts, we can provide some drainage improvement such as French Drains in order to help control the water on the exterior before it gets inside your home.
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