Wall Stabilization in the St. Louis Area

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or a construction enthusiast, Acculift Foundation Repair has you covered when it comes to structural repairs. Building on a firm foundation includes your walls. Walls are not only essential for structural integrity but can also serve as decorative elements in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. However, over time, walls can suffer from various issues such as settlement, cracks, bowing, or bulging, jeopardizing the safety and aesthetics of the structure. 

concrete wall crack repair

What Causes Wall Problems

Wall stabilization problems can be caused by a variety of factors, both natural and man-made. 

flooding near homes

Natural External Forces

Natural external forces that are out of our control such as flooding and extreme temperature fluctuation can affect your walls making them prone to instability.

soil excavation

Soil Movement & Settling

Soil movement and settling can exert pressure on the walls, leading to cracks, bowing, or even collapse

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Low-Quality Materials

Man-made factors are another significant factor such as poor construction techniques or the use of low-quality materials, which can weaken the structural integrity of the walls.

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 Inadequate Foundations

Inadequate foundations, improper reinforcement, or the absence of necessary support can contribute to instability issues.

Is It Time To Contact the Experts?

These are all potential signs of wall stabilization problems in your property. If you observe any of these issues, it is essential to address them promptly to avoid further damage. Contact Acculift Today!

  • Sticking doors
  • Uneven floor
  • Bowing walls
  • Door gaps
  • Drywall nail pops
  • Cracks on walls
  • Cracks on floors
  • Spalling

cracked broken concrete wall
concrete wall repair technique

Why Do You Need To Repair Your Wall

If an unstable wall is left unrepaired, several issues can arise. An unstable wall increases the risk of the wall collapsing which can pose a significant safety hazard. Additionally, an unstable wall can compromise the structural integrity of the entire building, potentially resulting in further damage to other walls, floors, or even the roof. This, in turn, can lead to more expensive repairs and renovations down the line. An unstable wall can allow moisture and pests to enter the building, leading to issues such as mold growth, water damage, and infestations. Lastly, an unstable wall can decrease the property value and pose difficulties when it comes to selling or renting the building, as it reflects poorly on its overall condition.

Wall Stabilization Options

To stabilize a wall, the first step is to assess the extent of the damage and determine the underlying cause. This is done by a structural engineer and at Acculift we have engineers on staff who can evaluate the condition of the wall and provide an honest recommendation for stabilization issues.

carbon fiber basement wall repair

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair utilizes the exceptionally strong strength of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber straps are bonded to the wall to stop any movement and damage. 

push pier

Push Piers

Push Piers are foundation underpinning that involves adding additional support to the foundation of the wall. This process pushes the piers into the solid bedrock or competent soil allowing them to support the weight or your home.

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Helical Piers

Helical Piers are foundation underpinnings that screw into your foundation and designed to resist both tension and compression in order to stabilize your home. 

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Trust The Experts At Acculift

The team at Acculift will evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action and pull together a custom plan that best fits your needs.  

Regardless of the chosen method, it is crucial to work with experienced professionals to stabilize a wall effectively. Contact Acculift today to assess the unique circumstances and develop an appropriate plan to ensure the stability and durability of your home.

Acculift’s Process

Our 5 step process allows for client communication from start to finish. You can rest easy knowing that our highly trained professionals have you taken care of every step of the way!

Acculift Foundation Repair
Comprehensive Assesment
Customized Plan
Wall Stabilization Adjustment
Quality Assurance & Cleanup

Comprehensive Assessment

Our licensed engineer will come to you and evaluate your situation.

Customized Plan

Based on the inspection results, we will create a customized piering plan that outlines the scope of work, timeline, and cost estimate.


Our highly trained specialist will install recommendations for your home. 

Wall Stabilization Adjustment

The recommended plan is put into motion and completed by Acculift Foundations Repair experts.

Quality Assurance & Cleanup

Throughout the job and upon completion an inspection will be done to ensure everything was done correctly and then we clean up and your home is strong and secure.

Get a FREE Inspection Today

Don’t let foundation problems compromise the safety and value of your home. Contact Acculift today to schedule a consultation and learn how our piering services can give your foundation the support it needs to stand the test of time. Your home deserves nothing less than the best, and that’s exactly what we deliver.