The (GD)2 Solution

Pssst…I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Ready to know the secret that will save you many many headaches as well as some potential costs? Many foundation problems can be prevented.  Yes, completely avoided.  Simply by improving these things: I call it the (GD)2 Solution because it’s catchy. Yes, I know what […]

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“Push Walls” 101: How to Diagnose a Push Wall

Foundation problems are never fun.  And structural issues are among the most stressful for our clients.  Your home is a big investment and foundation issues can threaten that investment. One of the most common foundation issues during this past year has been Push Walls.  In fact, our office called 2019 “The Year of the Push […]

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Structural vs Waterproofing Issues

“But that crack has never leaked.” We hear this a lot during our estimates.  Acculift visits over 1000 homes each year that are experiencing foundation issues.  Most often, one of two things creates a concern that warrants a professional opinion – LEAKS and CRACKS. Leaks are by far the most pressing issue that makes a […]

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